For a kid from Kentucky, I’ve achieved some pretty amazing things before the age of 30: multiple PGA victories, a FedEx Cup championship, and representing the USA in the 2020 Olympics, to name a few.

But these achievements have something in common besides being a source of pride—they all took place under the sun.

As a young athlete, I didn’t take sun exposure seriously. And in 2019, my dermatologist discovered a small mole on my leg in the early stages of melanoma.

I’m a fierce competitor, but I realized I was no match for those harmful rays. Fortunately, the cancer was caught in time and surgically removed. But not everyone is so lucky.

Go Get Checked

Knowing how close I was to a life-threatening situation was a real wake-up call for me. That’s why I decided to launch WearSPF, spread my message on a bottle to wear sunscreen, and encourage everyone to GO GET CHECKED. Do it for yourself and the ones you love. You’ve got nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain.

After launching in May 2022, WearSPF has expanded into golf courses, retailers, and hotels across the country. Team WearSPF has grown to include over 30 college athletes in a variety of sports who champion our cause. Since launching, we’ve realized that WearSPF is not just about preventative wellness, it’s also about peak performance. We emphasize and educate around the importance of sunscreen for skin cancer prevention as well as its positive impact on overall athletic performance.

Sunscreen => decreased water loss => increased hydration => faster recovery time => peak performance

It’s time to raise your sun protection game.